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Path and roads map of the Valle di Scalve

Touristic map of the Valle di Scalve

AZZONE (970 asl) is the most ancient settlement in the Valley.This area includes the "Parco del Giovetto" Reserve where the guides can show you the world of the Rufa ant (red ant).

COLERE (1000 asl) located at the foot of the Presolana; slopes at 2200m a paradise for the skiers of every level and winter sports lovers.

SCHILPARIO (1130 asl) here you will find a beautiful cross country trail,also visit an interesting etnographic museum and with a guide the famous sky-mines too.

VILMINORE (1018 asl) since tousand years is the seat of the "Vicaria Plebana". The ancient pieve were here till the end of the XVII century, and now replaced by the Arcipresbiteriale (eightneenth century art), completaly restorated.
Here you can visit the old "Praetorian Palace" (XIV-XVI-XVII),and the "Vicus Minor" today's Borgo Franco.


The Valle di Scalve,situated in the Bergamo territory, is bordering on Valtellina, Valcamonica and Valseriana.
With its 19 km of width, Valle di Scalve is surrounded by the Massif of the Presolana (m 2521), the Pizzo Tornello (m 2687), the Cimon della Bagozza (m. 2409) and the Pizzo Camino (m 2492).
The four main centeres are: Azzone, Colere, Schilpario and Vilminore.





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